Monthly Archives: January 2013


083There are so many lessons in life, that sometimes it is hard to keep up with them all. But there is one lesson I have learned. You see, I have had many patients in my dental chair that suffered from chronic pain. Until recently, I never understood what that even meant, and how difficult that kind of hardship would be to deal with. These patients would talk about how badly their back hurt, and how terrible it was to never get full relief. How they could never get a diagnosis that fixed the problem. Well, now I understand. It was about 6 to 8 months that I visited doctors, chiropractors, various specialists, even an acupuncturist, to find out why my shoulder hurt so badly. Finally I visited a doctor that realized all of my pain was stemming from my neck! Who would have thought! So to make a long story short, I soon had a neck surgery that relieved vertebra pressure on a nerve and replaced bone in my spine. It has made a world of difference in my daily life. Pain is a very difficult malady to endure and deal with and my sympathies go out to all of those folks out there that cannot find a solution. I will never judge another soul who deals with chronic pain. I have been there and know how much it does affect ones daily life. So in short, never judge another, as the good book states. It’s not our job to judge, just to be there for one another.