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Importance of Maintenance

Regular check-ups can detect problems early. Routine tooth cleanings, bite evaluations, periodontal examinations, early interventions, and fluoride treatments can often avoid costly repairs. This is where avoiding going to the dentist is just a bad idea. The frequency of maintenance care (including calculus removal and x-ray examinations) should be based on an assessment of the frequency of cavity formation, the rate of calculus formation, the condition of the gums, and any other special problem. Many problems such as listed above can be avoided with routine maintenance. Once we have taken care of any problems with your teeth, such as cavities, gum disease, or other problems, you can be sure we will get you on a schedule to maintain your mouth.

In so many words, It is important to maintain the health of your mouth with routine visits to the dentist. Having routine cleanings can keep expensive dental bills at bay. It is the lack of maintenance that poses the biggest threat to the mouth. Like any heath problem, early detection is a patients best defense.

Having a dentist that is willing to share with you all of your options as a patient is very important. With some patients, there is only one option, if the teeth are at a critical level of treatment. But most often, the patient gets to choose the treatment level that works best for them.

My goal is to make your mouth the healthiest it can be. Patients can do their part by being proactive in the regular care of their teeth and gums. I did say gums, and I do mean flossing. It can be done in just a minute or two and is very effective at preventing gum disease and gingivitis. Lots of people will brush and not floss. If you don’t like flossing, do it while watching tv. its quick and easy and very, very effective! So go brush your teeth!